Monday, August 25, 2008

posting your pictures online

guess what could happen if you post your pics online?
this is what i found on a blog, and the photos were not edited by me.

this is the original photo:

and this is what you can do with photo-editing programs:

funny huh?
you dont want that to happen to you.

how can you be sure that the one who asked for your pic or the one viewing your pic is a 12 year old girl? it could be an old man, or someone from your school who wants to "destroy" you. editing pictures is very easy, and you dont need to be a photoshop-expert to edit a pic and make it look authentic.
and someone might steal your pictures, and use them as their display-pics on social network websites, such as myspace, hi5, facebook.. or even worse, adult social networks or dating websites.

after reading this, if you still want to post your pictures online, dont include any bits of your personal info, such as real name, birthdate, email address, or city you live in.. make it a little harder for stalkers to find you :P

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Menna said...

WOW !!! U r right it's DANGEROUS !!

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