Stardoll Academy

♦ Skipping Tasks / Tasks Order
it's important to complete all the tasks by their given order. if you didn't get a task marked as completed - don't move to the next task! read that same task again and make sure you did everything right, and use any links provided with the task.

♦ Top Style
is the main dressup for your medoll. if you dress up your medoll in your big wardrobe room it will be saved as top style. to make a new 'top style' outfit, you must dress your medoll in clothes that weren't on it before.
you can also save 'top style' outfits from every room using the side wardrobe.

♦ Room Style
to make a 'room style' outfit: go to any room which isn't the big room with the wardrobes. open the side-closet:
- click on 'create room style' [or 'back to top style' ->'create room style']
- dress your doll [with clothes that weren't on it before]
- save your suite

♦ Pictures In Your Yearbook
you can't change a picture, scenery, dressup, or a purchased item once it's saved to your yearbook. if you want to have an impressive yearbook, take your time. you'll be told in the tasks that if a pic/scenery/dressup will be saved to your yearbook.

♦ How Many Years In Stardoll Academy?
so far - 1 year. it should take about a week to complete all the tasks, but take your time if you want to have a nice yearbook.

♦ How To Get Stardollars?
you'll get plenty from stardoll academy - use them wisely, and you should have more than 50sd after spending stardollars on the different quests. you may also complete offers, or stardoll-offers - like installing the toolbar, connecting your account to facebook/twitter, subscribing to youtube channel, inviting friends.
and of course, you can buy them, or buy superstar membership+stardollars.
*tip* - if you're allowed to have a facebook account, playing stardoll-on-facebook everyday should earn you 160sc and 5sd for playing 10 days in a row.

♦ Do I Have To Buy My Designs?
unless the word 'buy' is mentioned in a task, you don't have to buy anything.

♦ Suite-Chat
you can chat with online friends, the chat is located on the bottom-right. if you have friends online, click on a friend, and it will open a chat window. on the top in the small chat window there's your friend's name, and 3 icons on the right. 1st is to visit your friend, 2nd is to start a suite-chat, 3rd is to report bad behavior. click on the 2nd icon, you'll be redirected to your suite and your friend will get an invite to join you for a chat in your suite.
whether they've accepted or denied you suite-chat invitation, this task will be marked completed if you reload the page.

♦ How Can I Get Hearts?
ask for them, there is no magic way or cheat to get hearts.
sometimes - if you had enoough hearts - you'll get the quest completed just by reloading the page. be happy ;]

♦ Why Can't I Complete A Task?
it may happen because you didn't do as the task said, or maybe reloading the page would mark it as completed.
you should do everything exactly as instructed, use any link provided with the task, and you can't skip and start with the next task before it's completed.

♦ Timer In Quests
some quests have a 15 minutes timeframe, meaning you must complete them before the time runs out. don't start completing the tasks if you can't finish the quest within the time provided, you may lose money, and stardoll won't give you a refund.

♦ Save Photo In Yearbook =|= Save Photo In Album
when you need to save a photo in your yearbook, it will be automatically rotated to portrait/landscape, and when you take a pic, it will be saved to your yearbook. photos saved to your yearbook cannot be changed later, so take nice ones.
to save a pic in your album, save it to your photos/album.

♦ Who Can Enroll In Stardoll Academy?
everyone, and boys get different gifts. however, some quests may require purchasing items from starbazaar, and you need to be superstar or at level +17 to be able to complete them.

♦ Layered Hairstyle
the idea of stardesign hair, is to create hairstyles by layering hair pieces. and every piece of hair is considered a layer. layered hairstyles may consist of one or more layers.
to sum it up: any hair created in stardesign hair is a layered hairstyle.

♦ Can't Recycle Items
you won't be able to recycle an item if:
- you've changed your email address or password in the last 48 hours
- it's a stardollars items, and as a non-superstar you won't be able to recycle it.
- [not sure about this one] you don't have a confirmed email address.

♦ Don't Want To Wait 30/40 Hours
there are 3 waiting-quests. there's no cheat to cut the waiting time, maybe if you become superstar/royalty it will reduce the time you need to wait [sypertsrar and royalty members wait half the time].

♦ Where Can I Find The Yearbook?
to view your own yearbook:
open stardoll academy by clicking on the purple arrow with A on it [on the bottom-left]. on the left, you'll see 3 tabs, the 2nd one looks like an album, click on it, this is your yearbook.
to view other members' yearbook:
visit their page, above their suite you'll find links to their beauty parlor, album, sceneries, yearbook.. click on yearbook.

♦ How To Buy A Styled Outfit?
when someone styles you, you'll receive a message in your inbox. click on the link inside the message [you've been styled by.. click here to check it out].
once starplaza has loaded, your medoll will be dressed in the styled outfit. next to the 'dressing room' [look to the right] you'll see a text box, one button says "buy it and wear it as top style!", another button says "no thanks".
for the task in stardoll academy - click on buy it and wear it as top style.

♦ In The Final Project - I Keep Getting The Same Quest
the final project has 7 quests, 6 of them are very similar [2 sets of quests repeated 3 times], and the 7th is the last quest - get 100 hearts.
look at the quest titles, "final project #1/2/3/4/5/6".

♦ How To Add Friends from Chat Rooms?
in the chat/party, click on attendees, and you can send the chat attendees friend requests.

ah-pologies! this page contains a lot of photos, so it might take a while for everything to load. click on the photos to start slideshows or for a larger preview.
for stardoll academy tips click here.


girls boys

i will be updating this page. i'm taking pictures on non-superstar accounts so it should take about a week to get all the screenshots. whenever you see a timer for a quest and it's in minutes - it should be ~15 minutes to complete that quest. sometimes you'll have to wait for several hours/days until you can complete a quest, for non-superstars the time they'll have to wait is longer than this for superstars. you can complete all the quests in a week if you're non-superstar.

click on the pictures to view screenshots of the stardoll academy quests.
girls boys

1st project - callie's project

the 'male' accounts that i'm using are new, so they can't advance in stardoll academy until they reach level 17... this might take a few days/weeks.
.. girls boys

2nd project - signature style

[++ december 30: i will update this post in 2 days ++]
[+] i noticed this thing: when you get the quest that asks you to get 50 hearts - if you chose decor or beauty it will count your total hearts for that quest, so if you had already 50 hearts then it's completed. but if you chose fashion - it won't count your first 25 hearts, which means you'll need to have a total of 75 hearts to complete that quest.
.. girls boys
decor boys decor - later
fashion boys fashion - later
beauty boys beauty - later


3rd project - magazine internship

.. girls boys
decor boys decor - later
fashion boys fashion - later
beauty boys beauty - later

4th project - final project

.. girls boys
decor boys - later
fashion boys - later
beauty boys - later

the items that i got from stardoll academy

i tried to make model-suites, what you can do with just the items that you got from stardoll academy, and stardesign rugs bought from starbazaar or made for 7sc. click on images for larger preview.
not everyone get the same items, when on completing a quest you get a gift-box, it gives you a random item, i think. i chose decor on my account, and not all the items that i got were the same as with the account i used to make screenshots.
fashion suite:

makeup and medoll accessories for fashion and decor:


also for decor i got this interior:


the makeup and medoll accessories i got for beauty:

rewards for the final project for male dolls - fashion project:



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Thank you! Very useful :)

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Thank you! Very useful :)

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Thank you! Very useful :)

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i dont know how to access my rewards (im a boy )

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This was SO informative. I was wondering what the other final rewards were. :)

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pls can anyone help me i cannot find these projects:(

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pls can anyone help me i cannot find these projects:(

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If you don't finish your academy till September, do you start all over again? I just started a profile....

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i have no money left and i need to buy things for my quest:( is there anything i can do?

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how can i gift the clothes i designed? because it keeps telling me to buy them and then gift them to stardoll friends and i have tried everything from buying the things on their wish list and selling it with sc but nothing works please help me!!

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I'm stuck at Pop Quiz Hot Shot... What do I do to solve it?

My name on Stardoll is WhisperingWords

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for some reason the camera interface has changed and even though my task asks to save photo to yearbook,there is only the option "save in album". and i cant delete photos from memory, since there is no such option in the new camera. please help. send message at AmyGrimaldi (stardoll account) if you know a way out. thanks

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When you finish all the projects what will you do ? :)

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Hey Guys THis is the link for my suite!!Please hert my yearbook and than tell me that you did so i can hert back!! <3

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What I hate is you have to spend alot of money most of the times and you get a cheap prize..(The farther you go.) In the beginning, I got amazing prizes such as nail polish, make up, and cute clothes. Now, I get a random ugly statue or something I'd never want or use. Some are ugly. I've gotten an ugly sweater or two as a prize for spending $200.
Thanks for your help and blog.

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My problem is the starbazaar. The quest to buy 2 items gets given at a low level, I got mine at level 12, but I can't do anything about it because I'm not level 17. What I want to know is, why is the level to buy from starbazaar 17? why not lower?

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What are the rewards for the Stardoll Academy level "Power Lunch"?

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