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i've made my presentation with html. i used this real-time html editor -

- the page is divided into 2 sections, you'll insert the source code in the section with the blue background. you'll see the page design in the white section, just write a random text before and after the source code, then select everything in the white section and copy it to your presentation on stardoll.

text decoration and effects:

none || underline || overline || line-through || blink || bold || italian ||








text-shadow: [added 12,april]

the color of the shadow:#6374AB, the x-coordinate of the shadow 10px, the y-coordinate of the shadow -5px, the blurring of the shadow 1px. play with the numbers until you get something you like


html/css aren't that hard, im sure you'll understand what i did in every one of these.. just remove the parts you don't need, like the text-align, or change the font type/size/color... just play with it until you get the result you like.

im very busy, homework and shit.. if any of the codes doesn't work correctly let me know through comments, also if you have any suggestions, requests, or anything.. just leave a comment :]

in these examples, i set the background-color:#000082 - blue background. border to border:10px - that's why it looks so thick, change it to 5px. and the color #000000 - black.

there are also font type, color, and size.

solid borders

dotted borders

dashed borders

double borders

outset borders

inset borders

groove borders

ridge borders



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