Sunday, August 24, 2008


before you start crying over your stolen account, take a moment to read this.

there are many ways to find someone's password. it can be done by guessing, programs [illegal, and they also contain many viruses], or the easiest way, some people are stupid enough to give their passwords to anyone.

make a strong password. what is a strong password?

• a password that no one could guess, even best friends or family.
• must not be your name, a name of someone you love, a name of your pet... because then it will be easy for people who know you to guess it.
• must not be your phone number, id, license..
• must not be found in any dictionary.
• it must not be: "blank", password, passcode, letmein, itsme...
• it must not be the same as the username.
• it must be at least 6 characters - letters [small and capitalized] and numbers. and special characters if possible.
• must not be: 1111, 2222, aaaa, abcd, asdfgh, qwerty....

and most important- no matter what they may promise you, dont give your password to anyone. not only they might steal your account, they will also be able to view your personal info.

and if you were stupid enough to give out your password, change it immediately. many people use the same password for other accounts, if you're one of them, change the passwords of those accounts, especially if they were emails.

any questions/suggestion?

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_M_A_D_1234 said...

It's easy... if a person is your "stardoll friend" and they say they'll give you their password if you give them yours, give them a fake one and fake surprise when they say "i tried it and it didnt work!"