Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tips for a perfect makeup

when you're applying makeup, or creating a new design, you can zoom-in by holding the ctrl key and then pressing on + [or scrolling up with your mouse]. its much easier to put makeup, and make it look perfect, the same with stardesign.
to zoom-out press on ctrl and - [or scroll down with your mouse]. to go back to the original page size press ctrl+0 [ctrl and zero]

i've read in some blogs about "weird stardoll technical problem":
[drag the picture to the address bar for a large preview]

that's what happens when you zoom-out, to fix it simply press ctrl+0

i was bored so i went to the sephora store.. tell me what do you think of the look i made, and do you prefer it with brown or purple hair?

[warning, this video is 18 minutes]



moonlight_22 said...

i love the makeup, thanks for the tip for making it look better.

`Ellie x3 said...

I like the purple hair one
Seriously; so many people have worn the purple hair totally wrong- but the way you do it with the make-up and everything looks great :-)

Menna said...

Very good!! check out my blog too!! :

Anonymous said...

ow yeah, you probably read the 'weird' stardoll thing in my blog :p

anyhow... You are looking great! :) The brown hair is more natural, but the purple works as well! It goes with the outfit :)

Dora said...

I love it, better with purple! :D

PoisonxCupcake said...

Purple hair looks much better (:

We Love Stardoll Guide! said...

super good! i'll have to watch the video sometime! :]

Silverbear said...

Purple is UBER CUTE as some wannabe elites say.Those nitwits actually think that any normal person with out a serious brain disorder "like actually talk like that!"Or really as most stardoll members would put it "lik actly tlk lik dat".

Lol xD