Friday, May 8, 2009

recent stardoll changes..

didn't it piss you that after writing a long message in someone's guestbook, when you clicked on the send button you found out that your message was cropped to fit that 250 chars limit? well, now you can see how many chars you have left while writing the message. and you can't continue after reaching the 250 limit. sweet! no more half-words at the end of the message. although i think it would have been better if we had a 1000+ chars limit.. but hey, you dont need 1000 chars to ryt lyk dis bbe.

and about the 'dollmail'.. nothing was wrong with it.. then they added the 'updates' section, so all the 'bitch thinks you just have to take a look at scenery: shit' and 'there is a new top spot topic in club bullshit' messages will be stored there, and ignored, until i get really bored and check them, few days later.
but there was one annoying thing, which got fixed just recently. when i went to write a message to someone, i couldn't edit it, i couldn't check for spelling mistakes, i couldn't scroll up and down the message, or click anywhere in it. i had to either delete everything until reaching that typo or just copy the whole thing to a text editor. but its fixed now. phew..!

i haven't checked the blogs recently, so im not updated about new attention seeking cunts, or new 'creative differences' [feuds], or any of that shit that sad stardoll addicts do on daily basis.... is this 'look' still popular? black/white eyeshadow of course, and not this one i just made..
those 'surprised' eyebrows, 'seductive' lips, michael jackson nose, jay leno chin... what the hell got this look so popular in the first place?

i mean, look at her, is she pissed at anyone? had she just farted in public? is she sad? 'wardrobe malfunction'? having a shit? what do you think she's doing? she scares the shit out of me. when i was in the plaza putting tons of horrible makeup on my poor dolly, my sister [who doesn't go on stardoll anymore] came by, she said 'ewwww!'. i agree with her.


Anonymous said...

you are fucking hilarious!.

And i agree on the makeup thing, looks like a tranny ran out of the department.

Mrs_Gomes said...

lmfao XD god u make me laugh...but dont start takin the piss out of my make up...I don't do the tranny look a la fakeshake3 :P

AC Viper said...

lol mrs gomes XD
your medoll actually looks nice.