Saturday, October 25, 2008


we want this guitar! please!!!!

and these amps

everything here was made by ME! except for the guitar's neck, i was too lazy to make one so i used the one from stardoll. and as you can see, i forgot to match the strings color, oops :/

if these items were in the minishop, would you buy them?
*stardoll's version of course, mine look crappy


Fay said...

They don't look crappy!
I want more ART.Art like this...
Screw Stardoll,yours look bettah!

Anonymous said...

nah, you're pretty good at it =) I wish had the time for photoshop like I used to have some years ago, but with uni it's not the case =_=

Btw, I'd buy something like that maybe =)


Lettie97 said...

Pretty cool.

AC Viper said...

thnx :]

im too busy with university as well.. :S

Rini4e said...

Ohhh I would totally buy the guitar! Well, if SD actually mede that it would all be super* anyway so I won't=P. Anyway cool drawings!