Tuesday, October 14, 2008

new magazine


Fag_Puff said...

Looks better than 99% of the normal Stardoll magazines!

talkzi1213 said...

I like the "Bitch in 50 different languages" bit! hilarious

moonlight_22 said...

lol thats such a cool picture

arna-rut said...


O_____O said...

hahahaa :] looks awesomly sinister

PoisonxCupcake said...

Me like ^_^

Anonymous said...

Haha XD



arna-rut said...

if that was out irl id buy it, Looks creepy, i love that ^.^

You should write bout satan, love him :p

Anonymous said...

LMAO! it's great!


Menna said...


Anonymous said...

And the "Leran how to say bitch in 50 languages" is Hilarious!.

Fay said...

Agree,same here.
Better than Style.How to say bitch in 50 languages 'd be useful.
Oh and Arna if you want stories about Satan I can tell you some by SKYPE.Hahaha :D
I want MORREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.It's fucking interesting!

Dora said...

I wanna learn how to say bitch in 50 languages.
I can start off by croatian:


there you go :P
Now get 50 more languages and voila XDD

Fay said...

You make me laugh.
Greek = Skila
Ancient Greek (SWEET ADDICTION) = Skila
One of the words that haven't changed through years...
48 more languages and DONE.

AC Viper said...


thanks everyone!

i made a cover only, with no content, to mock the fab stardoll mags.. parody you know :D

i might make a mag, i have 10 days left until going to the university, if there wont be a strike.. so anyone wanna help me with it? i need insane writes with sick sense of humor, you can write about whatever you want, mock other members, use profanity.. we already got one article, the bitch in 50 languages thing :D

im going to work on a new picture now, a famous character from horror movies, im sure you all love him :P

thanks dora and fay!

arabic: sharmota
hebrew: zona
spanish: puta

Fay said...

Horror of horrors.
Black humor,pink or white?
:DD Kiddin''''''
Hope you're ok at uni.
I attend high school,shxxt.The annoying thing is that I always get high marks...Kidding again.How many people wish to copy me at all tests?The whole class?
I really don't study at tests and always get a 20.I am sick of this "BIIIG" 20.
At the 4 tests we've done this week,Science,Ancient Geeky Greek,Maths,Philosophy and PCs(MY FAVEEEY) I got 20.Well,I don't think I'd ever doubt about the PCeyyy.
OMG,I'm gone overboard..I'm talking about marks!Why can't anyone close my mouth?

Dora said...

Mahaha. xD
What I'm going to say next might bring a little discrease to my country but here it goes :

We actually have SEVERAL words for bitch. XD
And kuja is just one of them. :P
Pronounced koo-ya. XD

AC Viper said...

fay: on most of the exams in high school i got high grades, even though i spent most of the classes sleeping, and i used to prepare myself to the exams the night before them.. but its different in the uni, i have alot of math and programming courses this year.. i dont know what i got myself into, im already suicidal, and the semester starts next sunday :S HELP!

dora: we have probably 20 words [if not more] for BITCH in arabic.. and about the letter J, in many european countries its pronounced as Y :/ whats up with that? do you even have the letter J [as J] in your language? just curious.. how do you say Joseph? yosef? [like in arabic & hebrew] :P

Sophia said...

I'd love to write for it =D
Burn Baby Burn.
Puta is Prostitute in Spanish =D
I can say bullshit in signlanguage =D

arna-rut said...

as being bored looking on here but

Bitch - tìk

Lettie97 said...

You gotta release that xD