Sunday, April 21, 2013

'earn 100sc' mission

'aim for the top' mission... there's a glitch in that mission [from stardoll academy: extra credit]. many members - including my other accounts - had to start again from 0, even though they earned almost all of the starcoins the day before.
on one of my accounts, when i logged in it had 55/100 on that mission, a minute later it showed 0/100.


this is how you complete it, it's also the fastest way:

plan on doing this mission around the time there is a new daily-starcoins, which is around 19:30 in sweden time.
don't earn any starcoins, and log in about an hour before the new daily-starcoins, and earn your 60sc/90sc.
keep your account logged in.
after there's a new daily-starcoins, start earning starcoins.

the mission should be completed, and when you click on the mission icon [in the broadcasts bar] it will say something like "preparing your next project", and when you reload the page, the icon will disappear.
the rewards: 20sc, 2sp, silver eyeshadow

let me know if it works for you or not.

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tamarasara77 said...

I completed the 100 sc mission! I was very happy to get free 100 starcoins ^-^