Tuesday, January 8, 2013

interior design

i LOVE to decorate rooms! i'm not saying i'm good at it, but it's my favorite thing to do on stardoll.
yesterday i decided to start decorating my other account's rooms, so far i've done one room, it's still a bit plain and i'll be adding more items to it.. although it has 80 items already [i blame stardesign's 7sc rugs!], i tend to put a lot of items in my rooms.. :P

click on the image for a full size preview [opens in a new tab/window]

if you want to see the rooms in my main account, click here.
click on any room that you want to see.

*EDIT* 10/1/2013
the rooms still look a bit plain, but i'm out of starcoins.. opinions?
click on the images

what's your favorite activity on stardoll?

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Anonymous said...

i am on fashion week part 2 and is it possible if i can redo it becuase it has glitched for some reason, its making me do task2 when i havnt even done the first task and it woint say complited when i do the first task so im really confused. check out my stardoll demi90210