Sunday, September 23, 2012

helpful tips

i know that this may be old news to many of you, but i hope you'll find this post useful.

a few months ago earning starpoints became a lot easier since it's now depends on the amount of starcoins that you earn [in the daily-starcoins thing]. in the past i needed to do a lot of things, and i didn't always get 12sp the following day. now you get them immediately.

if you earn you will get
10sc 3sp
20sc 3+4sp
35sc 3+4+5sp
=12sp, the max you can get as a non-superstar
45sc 3+4+5+2sp
=14sp, the max you can get as a superstar
sc - starcoins
sp - starpoints

easy way to get your daily starcoins

  1. play stardoll on facebook -
    every day you'll get a different amount of starcoins, plus 5sc for having your account connected to facebook.
  2. "your daily mystery gift" -
    you'll get a random amount of starcoins by opening a gift, it could range from 1sc to 40sc.
  3. after doing 1&2, if you still didn't get your entire 40/50sc, go to the earn starcoins page, and click on whatever activities that you consider fun and easy.
    and of course, have fun on stardoll. :]
  • the maximum amount of starcoins that you can have is 1000sc. which means that when you have 1000sc, you can't earn more starcoins, thus you also won't be able to earn starpoints.
    it's possible to have more than 1000sc, by topping-up or a giveaway [like the one from facebook]. however, these are not considered as your daily starcoins activity, which means you won't get starpoints for them.

stardoll on facebook

why you should like, and play stardoll on facebook:
  • with every like - we're getting closer to unlocking new gifts.
  • you'll be getting 5sc every day that your stardoll account is connected to facebook.
  • if you play stardoll on facebook everyday, you'll get starcoins [from your daily starcoins] in this order: 5sc, 10sc, 20sc, 30sc. and on the 5th day you'll get either 5sd, or 200sc+gift.
    which means, for playing stardoll on facebook every day you'll get 5sd and 150/160sc[+your daily starcoins]+gift every 10 days.
  • you can send free gifts to your facebook-friends who have also connected their stardoll accounts to their facebook.
  • having your stardoll account connected to facebook for 200 days now earns you an achievement.

if you don't want to connect stardoll to your facebook for whatever reason, there are a lot of members who created another facebook account just for stardoll, usually using their username on stardoll as the first name, and stardoll - as their last name.

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