Wednesday, April 7, 2010

stardoll's history

from a comment i made on one of the stardoll insiders posts.

so this is stardoll’s history in few pics.. [feel free to copy and use in your blogs]

welcome to liisa’s paperdoll heaven! 2004

2005 – not so stable back then :P dollmail! and superstars were vip!

2005 – they had top 20! [20 popular dolls, no covergirls back then..]

february 06′, still paperdoll heaven

february 06′, bye bye paperdollheaven! now its stardoll, your paperdoll heaven!

april 06′, VIPs are now superstars, and you can have an ava[s]tar! pick your celebrity lookalike to be your avatar [sorry, avaSTAR], and superstars ‘catwalk’ on the bottom of the front page.

july 06′, now you can have a medoll!!

september 06′, the show! full of twinkle twinkle, celebrity gossip, and style tips!

december 06′, xmas calendar, superstars catwalk on the left side of the front page, and a ’screen’ with the stardoll news and covergirl